• Can’t wait to read this. The Gone-Away World is one of my all-time favorites.


    Behold the hotness of the UK jacket for Angelmaker. I have printed out thousands of copies, blended them up, and created a new massage oil*. It is called HAWT (for all genders).

    *no, not really, because that would be gross.

  • Henry Sene Yee’s designs for Richard Price. Clockers is one of my favorites.

    (via The Casual Optimist)

  • I love these covers. I definitely need to read more Le Carré.

    John Le Carré’s American publisher Penguin have reissued new editions of his books with amazing illustrations by Brighton-based illustrator Matt Taylor and design by Gregg Kulick and Paul Buckley. Mr Buckley art directed series.

    (via Matt Taylor | The Casual Optimist)

  • From Russia With Love book cover by Michael Gillette.

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  • The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson

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